Smart Meters

We're rolling out free smart meters to every Snowdrop customer.

What Are Smart Meters?

✓ They automatically send meter readings to Snowdrop Energy

✓ They keep track of your energy usage, which you can see on a handy in-home display

✓ They provide an easy way to track how small habit changes can decrease your usage

They’re also completely free.

How Can A Smart Meter Help Me?

No More Sending Meter Readings

Never send a meter reading again, as a smart meter will do it for you. Say goodbye to trips down the dark, damp cellar.

Track What You're Spending In Pounds

You can see a live reading of your usage in pounds and pence, thanks to the free in-home display you’ll receive when your meter is installed.

See What's Using The Most Energy

Keep an eye on which appliances in your home are using the most energy and work out how to keep the costs down.

How Do They Work?

Your meter readings are sent securely and privately, via a network separate to your WiFi, to us. Don’t worry about any of your private information, it’s all safely stored, much like how bank details are. 

You can choose how often you want to send your meter readings, too.


No, you don’t have to do a thing. Your smart meter sends the readings to Snowdrop Energy automatically. Our meter readers may still call every 6 months just to complete safety inspections or if your meter is not communicating with us.

Your meter updates the reading multiple times a day and we get a daily report of your usage.

No. The smart meter measures your energy usage accurately so you’ll be charged for the energy you actually use. By using your Energy Monitor you can see how and when you use energy. Understanding how you use energy can help you to make changes that could save you money.

You can check your tariff details by pressing the ‘tariff’ icon on your smart meter or by pressing 6 on your meters. If you experience any issues please contact our customer service team immediately on 0330 053 9390.

If you experience any issues please contact Snowdrop Energy on 0330 053 9390. For out-of-hours support please see the emergency numbers on this page