Our Story

Mina is built with one main goal: to be the digital first in the energy market. For too long customers have had to deal with poor service and poor products, but Mina is here to change that. We're here to shake up the industry, provide customers with a new vision of supply, and put energy back into their hands, as it always should have been.

Earth Friendly

Our energy is from sustainable, renewable sources. Not only that, but it's vegan electricity too. We're always making an effort for a healthy Earth.

Game Time

We're gamifying the user experience to engage and reward customers to promote positive energy habits. This will include digital leader boards to compete with friends, free energy hours, birthday treats and other such surprises.

Tech First

To be smart, we need the very latest and best technology to power the gears behind the scenes. We’re the first supplier to build a fully digital customer experience, with a live balance, no bill and 100% green electricity, as standard.

Mina. Energy in your hands.