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Moving In

If you’ve just moved in, please either fill out our Change of Tenancy form here, email hello@snowdropenergy.com or give us a call on 0330 053 9390 to let us know. We’ll open an account for you and give you a quote on one of our competitive tariffs. Don’t forget to have the meter readings from the date your tenancy agreement started to hand. Please note, you’re responsible for the energy bills from the date your tenancy agreement started, and not the date you moved in.
Yes, even if you’ve signed up with another supplier, you’ll still need to let us know. Energy transfers take around 21 days. During this time, Snowdrop will continue to supply you with energy. Once you switch, your new supplier will send us meter readings and we’ll send you a final bill.
Switching to Snowdrop Energy usually takes around 17 days.
The easiest and smartest option is to pay by Direct Debit each month. Paying by Direct Debit means you’ll be switched to our cheapest tariff – Zero Saver. You can also pay for your energy by debit/credit card or cheque when you get your bill in the post each month, however this payment option isn’t available on our cheapest tariff.


Our tariffs are based on the agreement that you’ll pay us via a fixed Direct Debit. This is a monthly payment where the amount will stay the same throughout the year, and it’s calculated based on the amount we expect you to use annually, divided by twelve. Paying this way means you’ll be debited the same in summer and winter, making it easier for you to budget.
If you pay by fixed Direct Debit, you’ll receive a monthly statement showing the amount you’ve used vs the amount you have paid. Don’t worry about the balance on here – it’s just for info. If you’re in excessive credit or debt, we’ll give you a call as your monthly fixed Direct Debit may need to change to keep in line with your usage. Remember – we need actual meter readings to accurately calculate what you’re using.
If you don’t have a smart meter and don’t provide us with regular meter readings, we will estimate your monthly bills using estimated meter readings. If the bill doesn’t look quite right, simply take a meter reading and enter it here, email it to hello@snowdropenergy.com or give us a call on 0330 053 9390. Any amendments will be shown on your following monthly statement.

Smart Meters

No. The smart meter measures your energy usage accurately so you’ll be charged for the energy you actually use. By using your Energy Monitor you can see how and when you use energy. Understanding how you use energy can help you to make changes that could save you money.
You can check your tariff details by pressing the ‘tariff’ icon on your smart meter or by pressing 6 on your meters. If you experience any issues please contact our customer service team immediately on 0330 053 9390.
No, you don’t have to do a thing. Your smart meter sends the readings to Snowdrop Energy automatically. Our meter readers may still call every 6 months just to complete safety inspections or if your meter is not communicating with us.
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