A Note From Ash

After more than a year of planning, I'm super excited to announce - Mina.

Mina is a gas and electricity supplier like you've never seen before.

We're building a digital energy company, that's ready for the future of our energy system - our digital lives, our smart homes and our electric cars.

One that supplies 100% renewable and smart electricity, as standard. One that lives on your phone and put's the control of your energy back in your hands. One that can talk your electric car and charge it automatically.

We believe it’s time for the energy bill, to become the floppy disk of this decade.

How are we different from other energy companies?

Our entire customer experience is designed around today's digital culture.

Our mission is to create the most efficient and digitally advanced energy supplier in the world. One that supplies 100% green electricity, as standard. Has one tariff for all its customers, that's great value and sustainably priced, so we can be your supplier for life and you'll never want to switch.

We're creating an app that users will love to use. Gamifying the user experience with rewards and promoting positive energy habits. We're making energy actually fun.

Our Mina online community will put control back in your hands, as it always should have been. Our members will help us shape our product and features, so we spend our time building things you actually want.

How are we doing this?

Traditional energy suppliers are run on pre-historic, legacy technology, that's million miles away from today's digital world. They require thousands of customer support staff to do the most basic of tasks, like sending a bill. They’re still charging a premium for renewable power. And what the customer actually wants, is an afterthought.

It shouldn't be like this!

To keep our tariffs low and our customer experience high, we need to be the supplier with the very best technology. So we’re building our tech systems from scratch, using the latest technology. We're not building a 'front end' over existing legacy or off the shelf software. This is an end to end approach, which means our systems will be flexible, scalable and ready for the future.

Are we regulated?

Yes, we have an Ofgem supply licence for both gas and electricity.

Can I get involved?

We're not taking on customers just yet.

Very soon, we'll be launching Mina in beta and inviting a limited number of people to help us test our product and share their feedback. All these customers will be supplied on our 'Mina Founders' tariff, which is 100% renewable and they'll have early access to our new features and products.

To date we have invested over £1m to create Mina. Over the next 6 months we're raising a further £5m to continue our journey. We're soon launching a Crowdfunding round to kick off the first stage of this investment.

Thanks for reading.

Ashley Tate, CEO and Founder

If you'd like to own part of Mina and help fund our future, you can register for investment updates at Mina.co.uk.

To stay up to date with our progress, you can sign up for email updates at mina.co.uk, follow us on twitter, instagram, facebook or linkedin.

Mina. Energy in your hands.